New Products from DSI Racks

DSI Racks provide strong products for structuring data centers. DSI has distributed and manufactured server racks and accessories since 2002. DSI representatives understand the trends and needs of data centers across the nation.  Take a look at the site. Shop around. Get to know our “Refurbished” product standards and let us know how we can work with you to solve your data center needs.


Some Improvements over the years include:

  • Welded reinforced compartment dividers provide strength in load bearing.
  • Perforation dimensions optimized for increased in air-flow.
  • Emka locks for key or passcode entry in Co-location environments.
  • Top and bottom sections can be locked independently with a customer designated combination.


Great pricing sells, but DSI stands firm on quality products and customer service (see mfg warranty).  DSI Racks are proud of the G2 series that have been optimized, strengthened, and now come standard with convenient cable management and data center structuring.



G2 (STANDARD 43” deep)


DSI G2 multi compartment racks come standard with secure cable management channels on the rear posts. Without structured and secured runway, cables hang loose.  Access points for these secure channels exist at the top and bottom of both rear posts.


DSI G2 single enclosure racks come standard with vertical mounting rails for quick connect at rear. No mounting hardware is needed for these industry standard connections. Mounting slots structured for standard PDUs and cable manager compatibility.



DSI manufactured server racks are equipped with standard 3 year warranty.  We want our customers to be happy.  And we want our customers to know we care about their data center needs. If the structural integrity of any DSI manufactured server rack fails under normal wear and tear, DSI will replace the server rack free of charge and refund the original purchase price of the DSI manufactured server rack.

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • 3-year Warranty on all racks new or refurbished
  • 1-year Warranty on all accessories

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