DSI 42U - 1342 G2

DSI 1342 G2
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The DSI 1342 G2 offers 3 compartments ideal for collocation server rack environments. Structured with a standard 4-post frame, the three compartments accommodate equally 14U of height and storage space for structuring your collocation environment. Each partition wears multiple tack welds for increased strength and security and each compartment has its own set of depth-adjustable vertical rails.

DSI understands the collocation server rack must accommodate for increased cabling. The G2 model boasts secure cable runways with rear ports along with cable entry access points from above and below the enclosure. Cable channel runways can be locked. Or, remove the channel completely to expose a PDU mounting bracket exists within the channel runway. 

With removable, locking side panels, fully perforated doors and roof, the DSI 1342 G2 maintains maximum air flow for maintaining cool and efficient network storage. And all DSI server rack units are equipped with standard combo locks, master keys, and rear perforated locking doors.



81" x 24" x 42" (external dimensions)

37" deep internally

19" mounts and square holes


INCLUDED:  Keys; 25 captive nuts; 25 mounting screws.

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